NF Ultra UNLEADED Race Fuel Concentrate from Goeie Hoop Onderdele

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NF Ultra UNLEADED Race Fuel Concentrate

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NF Ultra UNLEADED Race Fuel Concentrate

NF Ultra UNLEADED Race Fuel Concentrate 

 Part No.: NF001



NF Ultra Unleaded Race Fuel Concentrate is a fully synthetic racing octane booster that not only raises octane more than its competitors, but also includes a power booster which increases the energy in the fuel giving even better performance.




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 Product Description

  1. Instantly increases octane rating by up to 10 RON:
  2. 1 tin mixed with 60 litres of pump fuel increases petrol octane by 6 RON
  3. 1 tin mixed with 40 litres of pump fuel increases petrol octane to by 8 RON
  4. 1 tin mixed with 20 litres of pump fuel increases petrol octane to by 10 RON
  5. Power Booster increases energy in the fuel
  6. Eliminates detonation / knocking / pinging / pinking
  7. Increases acceleration & performance
  8. Reduces hesitations & engine temperatures
  9. Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic converters
  10. Safe to use in every tank



The easiest and safest Octane Booster available:
• Non-Flammable: NF is the only non-flammable Octane Booster on the market - safe to store and transport, even in large quantities
o Verified by Shell Australia under the ASTM D4057 method
• Safe for your engine:
o Passed the BMW NA/SwRI IVD test under the ASTM D5500-98 method for valve and combustion chamber deposits
o Passed the MIRA test for valve seat protection
o Passed the Ford USA test for contaminant retention, safety and catalytic converter performance
• Convenient: The design of the bottle fits straight into the tank - no funnel required
• Tried and Tested with some amazing results and credentials:
o Octane Number improvements laboratory proven using the ASTM D2699 method, which is the method used by refineries across the globe to test the octane of petrol
o Tested by Ford Australia under AS 2877 for fuel economy in both highway and city cycles and reduction in emissions
o Proven: NF has been proven for millions of kilometres across the globe on the street and on the racetrack, by end users, tuners and racing teams

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