Inspection Camera - Boroscope from Goeie Hoop Onderdele

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Inspection Camera - Boroscope

Inspection Camera - Boroscope

Inspection Camera - Boroscope 

 Part No.: Autoic1-2



  • Inspect hard to reach places with the 9mm waterproof LED illuminated inspection camera.
  • Flexible 1m probe with various accessories allow easy navigation inside engine cowls, behind dashboards and even inside your engine.
  • Detachable screen with wireless communication between camera and display improves ease of operation (AUTOIC2 model).
  • Record videos, and photos directly on mini SD-card (AUTOIC2 model only).


*Please enquire for price and availability ( these are 2015 prices )

Two models available:  

EUR.AUTOIC1 has live view only  ( R2'074 )

EUR.AUTOIC2 can record and detach screen ( R3'407 )







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