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Tools every motor car should have in the boot


Ready For Any Situation

As a car driver vigilance is required on the roads as you not only have to consider your own driving but also those around. This kind of vigilance is also required to maintain the safety readiness of your motor car ensuring you are prepared for any situation.

We at Goeie Hoop Onderdele have prepared this motor car toolkit check list to make sure you are ready for any and every emergency on the road

Jumper Cables

A dead car battery can be the most inconveniencing obstruction to your day and depending where you are it can be a real struggle to find jumper cables. Make sure you carry your own set as you will never be more thankful than on the day you need to jump your dead car battery. If your car battery refuses to charge, consider buying a new one from Goeie Hoop Onderdele.


You simply never know when you will need to look underneath the bonnet or underneath your car. Be prepared and carry a flashlight; a good place to keep it is underneath a seat or in the boot of your car

Wheel Spanner or Wrench

A wheel spanner or wrench is used to loosen the wheel nuts on a car when the tyre needs to be changed. Stay ready with a 4-way wheel spanner that comes in 4 everyday motor car wheel nut sizes.  If your car tyre has a lock nut which is an antitheft mechanism, then a unique lock nut key will be required to loosen the wheel nut.


You will need a jack to lift and suspend the car off the ground in order to get the tyre off.

Duct Tape

With over 100 uses duct tape is sure to make your life easier. Keep it close as it can be a useful tool in tough emergencies

Emergency Triangle

A reflective emergency warning triangle is used to signal oncoming cars that they should drive cautiously as it indicates there is an incident on the road. Not having this emergency triangle can get you fined if a traffic police officer asks to see it and you don’t have one. By law it is compulsory that all vehicles are required to keep it in their boots for emergencies.


If you need to get any of these items to complete your toolkit, Goeie Hoop Onderdele is the best place to start. If we do not have the parts or tools you are looking for, we will order it for you. Feel free to request a quote online by clicking here